Custom Multiple Name Necklace


Length | 16 Inches

Material | Sterling silver

  • Product Description

      Keep the names of your loved ones close to your heart with our Custom Multiple Name Necklace! Custom, personal and unique, the perfect way to honour the ones you care about most.  

      Gold Vermeil (a thick 18K gold layer on Sterling Silver) or Sterling Silver 
      Letters: up to 10 letters per name, up to 5 names
      Fonts: Script or Arial
      Size: Approximately 20-30mm x 6-7mm per name
      Premium quality
      The length option is the total chain length including the names

      These are made to order, so please allow up to 1-2 weeks to create your meaningful piece. If you need it by a certain date, please contact us at

      5% of our profits will be donated to help young parents and their children reach their full potential. Do you want to know more


  • Necklace Size Guide
    • Our Necklaces come in 4 lengths - 14" (choker), 16", 18" or 20".

      Measure your favourite piece of jewellery or drape a piece of ribbon around your next to find your perfect length.

      Once you've chosen the length you like, lay the chain flat and measure the length in inches. 

      Head to our sizing guide page for more info.

    • How to create your custom file
      • Head to the 'Our Process page' for more detailed info or use the quick guides below.

        For iPhone users, simply use the Voice Memos application. Record the word you want from the voice you want. For Android users, simply download a soundwave app from the store - our favourite is Google Keep. All you have to do is open up the application, record what you want to say, and save! Then, send us the file with your order.

        First, take your pencil and draw on your post-it until the surface is entirely black. We recommend holding the pencil at an angle and really scrubbing the graphite pencil tip into the paper.Go for it!

        Once this step is finished, rub the finger you wish to imprint hard on the post it until your entire fingerprint is covered in graphite.

        Now lift the print by taking a piece of packing tape and placing it over your graphite covered fingerprint. Make sure the entire fingerprint is covered and that the packing tape is stuck to every part of your fingerprint.

        Carefully remove the packing tape and place it on another post-it note. Please make sure the print is clearly shown and the tape isn’t folded, creased, or otherwise compromising the composition of the print.

        Then, take a photo with your phone in a well lit setting and upload an image when you place your order.

        Simply take a photo of your writing or drawing on your mobile device - please make sure the image is clear, bright, and easy to read.

        Upload the image when you place your order.

        Simply take a photo of her/his paw print on your mobile device or use a non-toxic ink pad to stamp a print - please make sure the image is clear, bright, and easy to read. Upload the image when you place your order.