Our Story

Our founder, Kate, started Tiny Zen Memory in 2018 after an experience with a friend.

Tiny Zen Memory originated from the unfortunate loss of her close friend’s father. Kate made a necklace with the word “proud”—a word her friend's father had repeatedly used to articulate his affection for her friend - in the last letter he wrote before he passed away.

When she witnessed the overwhelming emotions her friend linked to the necklace, she was convinced that more people could benefit from the same joyous experience.

Along the way, Kate has curated a one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry collection to capture memories from all seasons of life.

We make each piece with your story in mind and the design process is our opportunity to connect with you with your loved one. We love our clients and value the significance of every story you share, no matter how small. 

Our personalized jewelry encapsulates your fondest memories and commemorates your most meaningful connections. Every personalized piece is customized and handcrafted to uniquely express your sentiments for your loved ones and even yourself.

xo, Kate

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