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If you are reading this blog, then you probably have one question - what is Tiny Zen Memory? What makes this collection so different from the original Tiny Zen?

Tiny Zen Memory is the invention of Tiny Zen Jewelry’s founder, Kate. It was inspired by her experience as a jeweller - especially her experience in making custom handcut and sawed jewelry.

If you have been a fan of the brand for a while then you will be familiar with one of our most popular pieces - the custom cut “handwriting” necklace. This necklace was cut by hand to mimic a person’s handwriting, often mimicking important phrases or words with an emotional connection to the wearer. Making these pieces has always been an emotional one, both for our founder Kate and for the person she was creating it for.


Tiny Zen Memory began to take shape when Kate’s close friend lost her father. Kate too is upon herself to gift her friend with a necklace bearing the word “proud” - a word her father’s friend had repeatedly used to articulate his feelings for his daughter in the last letter he wrote before he died. When she witnessed her friend’s overwhelmingly emotional response her friend had to the necklace, she became convinced that more people would find healing and comfort from having a similar experience.

Tiny Zen Memory is a collection composed entirely of custom, one of a kind jewelry. We make each piece with your story in mind - from the design process to the construction of your jewelry we have the goal in mind of forging connections with our clients. We believe there are no insignificant stories, no experiences unworthy of a memory. 

Tiny Zen Memory is a collection put forward with the intention of encapsulating your fondest memories and commemorating your most meaningful life events. Every piece is customized and handcrafted to uniquely express your sentiments for your loved ones and yourselves.

We are so excited to launch this collection with your support. We can’t wait to make many memories together!


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  • Meredith: December 15, 2019

    Will you be getting more stock of the paw print necklaces?

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